“Juiced is an ESSENTIAL product we use on our lambs during the stress of preparing for show day. It gives them that added touch & tone to their top & loin, yet still has the added vitamins & minerals to keep them looking fresh. We firmly believe Juiced is the answer to gaining that extra pop needed to hang banners.”

Justin Nathan, Owner Nathan Club Lambs

"We haul our cattle week after week, to shows near and far, from the majors to jackpots across the country. To keep our string on the top of their game and in the hunt we have come to find the CSS lineup of products give us the consistent results we are looking for when the need arises."

Craig Steck, Owner, Steck Cattle

“Each product has been an ingredient to our success this summer, and more importantly in our mind the customer service has been second to none. These guys don't just expect you're going to use their product.

Miles Toenyes, Owner, Toenyes Show Pigs

We trust Champion Show Stock products when we need guaranteed results for our elite show heifer customers. We strive to present the soundest, hairiest and freshest conditioned females at all levels and feel Champion Show Stock has proven consistently to give us the competitive edge the show ring demands!

Jeff Paulsen, Owner, Paulsen Show Cattle